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Joseph Ralph Fraia is a photographer (and also an author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, lawyer) with a range of interests too wide to be listed: from ancient mythology to contemporary art, from the Roman Empire to Game of Thrones, from graphic novels to movies and TV shows, from heavy metal to world music, from Esotericism to Taoism.

He has lived and worked in New York for over 20 years now.

He was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY June 16, 1976. His parents are originally from Italy. He lived in the United States until the age of 6, then his family moved to Italy, where he spent his youth and got most of his education. During those early years, he never stopped feeling homesick: America was in his heart and his soul, and he always knew he would have returned to his hometown. Acknowledging that his presence in Europe would have been temporary, still teenager he became a ravenous traveler. Over a period of 12 years he visited almost all Provinces of Italy but three and most of the major European Countries.

After he graduated in Law at the prestigious University of Pavia (Italy) (with an evaluation of 103 out of 110) in 2002 he took and passed the Bar exam in 2006 in Milan. While working as a lawyer and starting to write scientific publications, he kept traveling and expanding the borders of his interest to the Far East, and finally also going back and forth to his beloved America. After 5 years of successful and satisfying carrier as a lawyer, he started his entrepreneurial venture as a Business Developer and Project manager in New York. In the mecca of the showbiz, he soon got in touch with the media and communication industry and never left it since then. In 2014 he both got his current position of Editor in Chief of Livein Magazine (a luxury lifestyle magazine) and started his carrier in the movie industry as a producer and executive producer.

Born and raised in a traditional Catholic family, since he was a teenager Joseph had an independent and intimate approach to spirituality and mysticism which brought him to study religions and philosophies from around the world, and eventually embrace Taoism (Dao De Jing), which has been his way of life for the past 25 years.

His interest in Taoism led him spontaneously towards the study of I Ching and other forms of divinations (tarots, Celtic runes, numerology etc.), which allowed him to deepen and train his skills as oracle. Over 20 years Joseph has provided hundreds and hundreds of reading to family, friends, customers and clients.

Photography, on the other hand, has been his passion since forever: transmitted to him by his father Giuseppe who gave him an encyclopedia on photography and the first camera when Joseph was 15.

He has recently started to work also as a coach and as author in few workshops and independent projects that will be released the current and the next year.

“Live long and prosper”.


Nulla Ac Ornare Nisl

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